Any Web Developers here?

(shubham) #1

want to know how many of you are web developers on this forum? or has just started learning web development?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

I do a little web development and a lot of other computer programming. So far I know some angular, php, node.js, and react.

(Francisco) #3

Yeah web developer here, though client work sometimes has me doing other things. Microsoft stack mostly,, .net core.

(shubham) #4

wow, so you have mastered javascript.

(shubham) #5

I have just started learning HTML, CSS and javascript since June this year. I want to build my own project. I am taking help from Udemy, youtube and w3schools.

(Jacob Waugh) #6



You know we had @stublag help build the dark theme here on the forums!


Used to be a Web Developer. Glad that’s over :joy:


Does Dreamweaver count?


The song?

(ChrisFrancz) #11


I used Dreamweaver to make a couple of websites. I switched between wysiwyg and the code view to clean up excess code, or code that was not required.

There was some thought involved, and better than I could create in notepad.

(shubham) #13


(shubham) #14

Now what are you doing?

(shubham) #15

But I use brackets editor.


I left the IT/Programming/Web world for Sales/Marketing/Consulting, another headache. Should’ve stuck with music :joy:


I also once purchased a template and added content and tweaked it in Adobe Dreaweaver.

Seem interesting. Notepad++ in particular.

(ChrisFrancz) #18

My original art website was designed for me in 2002 and written in html. The guy who made it used to upload and maintain it for me but after awhile I did it and html was a pain. I could write image links and basic links and change colors / fonts, etc but ohemgee! That was a nightmare so two years ago I dumped the host for a freebie and can upload and organize from my phone. Kudos to those who write all that code and whatever. One wrongly placed > and everything can go haywire. It was too much for me!


It’s funny you said that. I had an extra > on a site which messed up the entire site. Once it happens you become more observant of it however.

(ChrisFrancz) #20

Sometimes it took me a long time to find that ONE wrong character and it’d drive me crazy. I did a lot of copy and paste of codes but sometimes I’d mistakingly backspace over a / or < and not realize it.