Any programmers out there?

I enjoy programming myself. I mostly use C#, but I’ve dabbled in other languages, too.

Anybody else? What project are you working on at the moment.

I just finished my semester and with it, my CP1/VB Class. Lots of fun.

Pentesting is a big hobby of mine

I know VB, but there’s no point to using it. Public schools need to stop teaching this waste of a language. If I had the extra time, I would totally learn C++ or something more useful.

There’s also a Java class, which I’m taking next year.

Are you referring to or just plain vb. The .net version isn’t bad at all. and C# are essentially the same, except they have a much different syntax. You do things the same way in both languages.

FORTRAN be very very good to me.
(and C)

i can use C and next year for high school i will be learning how to use python.

Learning the basics of Java right now, and I used to know some VB.

Plus LOLCode, which my friend introduced me to last week

Old guy.

Python is so much easier than C. The nice thing about python is that it is really cross-platform, and it doesn’t take any effort to set up. However, the dynamic type system makes good IDE features hard to find.

Any fellow C# people out there. Any functional people (i.e. F#, Haskell, etc.)? I actually really like functional programming.

yeah but, c teaches you things because python just assumes that theirs memory there c doesnt do that which i like. (plus i can use my arduino board that way)

I am studying computer engineering at university and I landed a pretty sweet software internship for this coming summer. I started with teaching myself Python in high school, took Java class over the summer at a community college, and then have been taking numerous courses once I got into my university. I’ve used a few other languages (although that doesn’t really matter), but when I just want to get stuff done, I tend to gravitate toward Python and C++. Overall, it’s been a pretty easy road so far and I don’t feel like I’ve been challenged enough in my programming courses.

I really wish more of my classmates had started with Python because kids who started with Java or C++ usually have the worst indenting and formatting. The other thing that people completely miss is that they think that programming classes exist to teach you how to write code in a specific language. You want to learn to program, rather than learning to just write code.

In that price range I really recommend the raspberry pi over the arduino, or if you are willing to spend alittle more the beagle bone is really nice. I am really into linux/android mini PC’s. I have a custom build of XBMC on one of my pi’s makes for a very nice and cheap linux powered media player. There is a ton of cool projects you can do you those little guys.
For instance the Pi phone lol.
Not the most functional but pretty awesome non the less

i already have a raspberry pi just i want to learn the basics so I’m sticking to my arduino for now.

Finished an HTML class, working on PHP and Java

HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, some Java (both in android and just normally), Python, some bash scripts, objective-C (apple developer) and probably some stuff I’ve missed. I do Forensic computing at university so do a fair bit of pen testing and digital forensics too.

Dabbling in Java so I can develop android stuff.

I just haven’t figured out how a code can make something - therefore I am currently clueless on how to make something vs memorizing things.

So true. True programming is developing the logic to arrive at a result. Knowing the logic involved is independent of any language to implement it.


Yea, probably so, but last I looked it was still one of the best for scientific/engineering stuff.

One of my first jobs as a programmer/analyst I inherited some buggy programs that I had to fix. The apps written in VB6 had a particularly interesting line of code I encountered all too often: On Error GoTo Next That has been my life motto ever since.

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Yeah but starting out GoTo’s are the worst thing.