Any tutorial suggestions??

Does anybody have a suggestion for a tutorial you want me to do? I will do Brent Stole, Magic Drop, or Boingy Boing, I know those three are tricks people struggle with often.

I mean by that I will do them if they are suggested

Split the atom

I think Andre is great and all but I could use a better one for superman

Something thats not too hard. Im not saying split the atom, but I dont mean im at superman. Im in the middle, a little less maybe.

Hey im a beginner maybe you could do a double ir nothing or a houdeni mount please

john caltabiano and mvppaintball, I think those tricks are simple enough that I could explain them to you thru messages. Do you know how to do a personal message? (aka pm)

Throwseph, I’ll go try to learn it and then I’ll make a tutorial if it is too complex to explain via messages

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yoyo143, could you give me a specific trick? thanks :slight_smile:

I still struggle with brent stole so a tutorial on that would be nice

Manobrinha by Titi Freak

(This is not a joke. Search in YouTube for his trick if you haven’t seen it)

Electric Jesus by Jensen Kimmit

Ladder Escape, Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich, and AJ

Found a new one called Heko Obi
By Tusukasa Takatsu seems tough but I have faith you got this

P.S. I second the electric Jesus combo by Jensen

All of those tricks are pretty common and each already have many tutorials. Unless you add something special in those tutorials that no other tutorials have then it would be useful but besides that it’s kind of pointless. You could try making tutorials of more uncommon tricks or your own tricks though :slight_smile:

I do not know how to private massage

Yeah a lot of do, but not all are done well. No text, or instructions and bad angles

Different strokes bud

Okay, I’ll go try to learn all those tricks!

Rancid milk. Haven’t found a decent tutorial on it

lol I was joking when I said electric Jesus