Any tips for the rejection part of this trick...


I can get to the rejection part, but struggle to get the string to feed into the rejection.

Any tips appreciated!


I havn’t tried it yet but probably needs a really hard throw (the more the merrier)


oh yeah i have done this trick!!!
the secret is really thick string, new response pads and a strong throw.
the new response pads make it more responsive when the thick string touches it making the reject easier it did the trick like when i just redid the silicone in one of my yoyos i like it a lot!!!
hope this helps! ;D


Thank you. I will use the thickest string I have with a hard throw and try to use a yoyo which has newer response pads. Three super tips!

I’ll have to wait until later though as it’s 2.46am and I don’t want to disturb the family!

Thank you both again!


I can get this trick with regular poly, but it is definitely easier with Kitty Fat.

The trick really though is to angle the top of the yoyo towards your body so that it forces the string a bit better into the response. Your timing/control has to be right though otherwise you’ll just flop while not rejecting. What I do is throw the yoyo and the reverse angle so that I don’t have to worry about flopping as quickly while I feed the slack into the gap.


Thank you.

Still struggling, but will try with my Kitty Fat strings tomorrow and whilst angling the yoyo,more,towards,me during the string feed.


Got the rejection going on two occasions during the 10 mins or so I had today to throw! Found it easier to do with my M10 rather than the N12 I have been trying with in the past. Didn’t get a chance to change the strings to kitty fat on either throw though.

At least I know it can be done - for a while I thought the trick was not possible and just trick photography!

I need to get acquainted with the correct angle and ‘feel’ - I think I just fluked it when I got it to work.

I really like this trick and hope I can get it sorted!