Any thoughts on the Whip?

They’re really cheap and I heard that they’re great for the price. Any thoughts?

I like mine. a great throw, but you’re better off getting a classic and a bearing for that price. But the whip, its pretty darn fun.

Eh, I don’t really like how the Classic looks, I prefer the Whip’s aesthetics over it. And I’d rather save a few bucks than buy an unresponsive bearing for the Classic anyway. But is it really worth it? Does the Classic play better than the Whip?

I like the WHiP. Its really fun, BUT depending on what you want I would recommend a Speedaholic.

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Just checked it out and, whoa. I like the design and it does seem pretty good for a few extra dollars. I do like faster throws but do you know it’s average spin time? I ask because I’m still trying to learn tricks so I need something with a decent sleep time. Thanks again though :slight_smile:

Just for reference. I have a WHip and a Speedaholic and if you want a “modern” yoyo go with the speedaholic.

I havent timed it per se, but it spins for minutes. I would say no less than 3-4. I dont think you need more than that ever.

Everything about the speedaholic is better.

Haha, okay I’m hooked. :smiley:

Whip is fun. But the other yoyos you mentioned play much better. To be honest, the spin time of the Whp is very little unless you’re really good at it. I like mine though, just because it’s a crazy little bugger ;D