Any suggestion for a good 5a yoyo that is non-metal??

I want a non-metal 5a yoyo, I prefer Hybrids and Delrins.
I feel good with my YYJ Destiny and I want to have a better 5a yoyo,
I think YYJ Quest is my best choice but I just don’t want this yoyo, I think its sticker is ugly!!
So, is there any yoyo I should try with?

I hear people love using the Diffusion for 5a, might want to check that out!

The Diffusion is pretty good. It doesn’t have quite the sleep times I want out of a yoyo, but the stability needed is there and I enjoy the weight.

The Protostar is another good option. It’s all catch zone and it’s sleep times and stability are more than sufficient for 5a play.

If you want a cheaper option, I’d recommend the Sage (not available here) with a centertrak bearing. It’s real top notch and is one of the very, very few fully plastic yoyos that I can get through all of my tricks with comfortably.

The Quest is a really great player, but it doesn’t quite have the sleep times that I want out a 5a yoyo. It’s a “try before you buy” yoyo, in my opinion, especially for the price.

If you want a yoyo that’s very well known for it’s 5a play, consider the Barracuda. It’s not plastic, but it’s a stellar player and one of my favorite all time yoyos. It’s plenty durable too, so you don’t have to worry about it stripping after lots of drops.

The sage is just a onestar with fancy caps

I always use the surge


sleep time>8 mins lol rekt
If you want something (pun intended) with a bit more high end hype, try the CrazyD or TheV.

The one drop rally is probably the best way to go. Idk how much you want to spend, but the rally is $45 and definitely top 3 plastics on the market. Good rim weight, dead smooth.
Idk if they’re in stock, if not you may be able to find one on bst

I’ve knocked the Side Effects out of a couple of Rallys from dropping it during 5a, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Not durable enough.

It’s a real shame, the Rally is a top notch performer.

XLR8 is pretty nice. The YYJ Pinnacle is good, the Diffusion is good, and I personally really like using Surges for 5a when I do it, but mine is also slightly modded for a wider gap.