Any Slipknot fans on the forum?

Does YYE have any maggots? Have yo guys heard the two new songs?

I’ve seen them a few times at festivals and I can’t say I got a big kick out it too much. Having said that, Wait and Bleed is a classic.

EDIT: OK I went back and listened to it again after seeing this thread, and it really reminds me of going clubbing as a youth :slight_smile: Good times.

I like some of their stuff. Saw Stone Sour in concert last summer, and really enjoyed them, but have never seen slipknot.

Maggot and Outside the Nine member here. Going to both days of Knotfest in October and seeing the Denver date of the Korn/Slipknot “Prepare for Hell” tour. Pumped to say the least. I’m very intrigued to see what’s going to happen without Joey drumming.

i love stone sour as well. that concert must have been great.

UGH you’re so lucky, they aren’t coming to florida. hopefully they’ll have a second tour sometime afterwards. i think they’ll have a person drumming like they did with bass after paul died. I’m excited for the new masks

Been a slip knot fan for a few years now. My favorite album is Iowa and my favorite song is duality. Really liked their new single “The Negative One”, but that video was kind of lame IMO, but I think it’s great they’re coming out with new stuff

my favorite album is their 99 self titled or vol.3 subliminal verses and my favorite song is probably surfacing/ The blister exists. i think the video was like that because they didn’t want to reveal much about the masks/ the joey jordison complication. But i think my favorite thing about the negative one is that high pitched whining sample from craig and the keg drum that they brought back

I love the keg drums. Haha. Everytime I hear one it makes me giddy. Such a ridiculous and yet awesome concept.

They induce so much joy upon me lol for no apparent reason,


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

i use to love slipknot way back when, but when joey did his murderdolls thing and tried to play guitar XD and when corey ran out of anger and did stone sour…it wall went to hades…X_X seince about 2002-2003ish it just got alil sad…was definitely a great band and i still listen to some old slipknot to this day…but it just got money fueled, they went from being slipknot to “artists” Im Ninjalo till the day i die anyways, so it was fnny way back when maggots used to hate juggalos and vise versa, and i was clearly stuck in the middle as if being a 10 year old ninja wasnt awkward enough XD, but i definitely understand true musically inclined “family” but even i have noticed the switc when it comes to psychopathic records from whenit used to be about them being themselves, to now money fueled artistry. to get back on topic old music was great new music=doo doo XD sorry for the rant. but im happy to know that there are still maggots out there.

Corey’s new mask is insane. That new video is great. I’m super pumped for this new era.

Lol have you seen the new videos with the new masks? I love chris’s new silver mask.

I love how the killed the new bassist& drummer. Coreys new mask is so much better IMO than his All Hope Is Gone mask.

yea i have i actually love them, ima mask kinda guy for sure. and those things are sic(spell it how my fav song by them was spelled)

I heard that the new bassist and drummer are going to wear the same mask as each other on stage

I also read that they are going to wear those masks on stage! It’ll be great. I missed having 9 people on stage. This fall will be so amazing.

yea i miss the deranged pack of 9 on stage, they sure did know how to throw a wicked performance.