YoYo Music Video - Nicola Roberts


Hey Gang,

I was prepping for my DJ gig tonight at Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney and came across a new music video that was just released. Having the title Yo Yo I had to watch it, then I realized that HEY, there is a YoYo in it! I’m not sure I know who that person is, maybe someone on here can help, but I hope you enjoy none the less. I’m doing an edited version to play tonight as the version I have has one cuss word in it, however this version has it bleeped out. Enjoy!


Someone somewhere posted a link to that a while ago. I forget if it was YYE or somewhere else, but I managed to see it a few days ago.

Nothing special in my opinion, but that kind of stuff isn’t my genre of choice. I’m more metal and rock and industrial(although I have other tastes as well, check out Zazen. I work with the guy who wrote most of the music for it).

I’m also against censorship, but at the same point, I understand your audience, where you are and what the expectations are. I always buy the stickered versions. I hope the lighting tech gets annoyed!

(Troy(oyo) #3

The person you see there is none other than Magl33to (Stefan Benjamin). He is a member of team Hspin.

Yoyoing in a music video

and one of the coolest throwers in Europe !