Team 2yo Video!!!

Hey Guys,
Jayyo made a mixtape of all team 2yo players. Dang, my tricks in 3:38 are not smooth.  :’(

Enjoy!  :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

I saw that.

But couldn’t you let Jayyo post it?

Um, I’m not sure if he can or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

He has been relatively active on here, and was online for almost the whole day.

His last post was a few hours ago.

I would just wait.

It doesn’t really matter who posts it.

wow that vid kicks!

I was gonna post it just now, Haha!
Thank you Max!

Yes, this is the mixtape of many of the members of 2yo.
The video was made for the 2yo style dvd which was made a while back, so we have some newer members since then.

All of the guys (except Alda, she is a girl :slight_smile: ) have been 2yo members for quite some time and sent in the individual clips to be edited together in one clip.

One thing I would like to point out however, is that “Randal” in the video, is actually “David”. There was a mix-up and his name was placed wrong.

In the actual DVD production of the video, this was corrected.
I was not able to upload the corrected final, due to the fact that it was deleted off of the external drive it was being held on.

So just thought I would point that out.

Hope you guys like the video!



that was good, wierd to watch myself in it though.

not all
I can think of a couple of names that are not in that video

jhow many people were there? 20sum?