JayKay BIGTHANGS. BigYoYoStrings shout out video


2nd video of 2013. I rarely get time to do this stuff. But I think im getting better.



Throwing my MFD Gelada on a sunday afternoon. Check it!



A quick clip video of some layed back practice at a random spot. Just for fun. I have been practicing for a up coming contest in vancouver. ENjoY!!


My latest YOYO demo at a local event in my city. I strapped a GoPro Camera to my top hat ,going out tuxedo style in front of 200+ people. Not the best angle on the camera, but you get the feeling of the event. Had so much fun doing it.
Floor camera version coming soon!

-JayKay 20!2

Vancouver Island represent. Myself(Jay) Tyrone(creator/owner of glowmods) And B_rad Brad. Represent.

(Jerrod) #2



I glad you like that. It’s true right, I’m not some kid who has nothing to worry about except my yoyo skills.


I got tons of awesome footage from the meet today I can’t wait to edit some footage.


Woah that was awesome!




I loved the interview dude!


new video bump.


new clipshow


Glow Mods <3


Cool video! I like it! Smooth!


Cool vids jay!


Amazing Video!!

It is enviable in very great environment.
I would also like to have come to live in Canada. :wink:

my video

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new video


Play time


NEW video!!


Rad, BYYS for life!


Just cuz.