Any other over 50 collector on here, besides me?

How many of us old guys?. tim

I’m over 50, but don’t consider myself a collector.
Hoarder, maybe. :wink:

nice… 1 post to 1k

what is your hord count? I am up to 150 throws.

you guys are old and stuff…

Probably in that range. They’re spread around the house and I’m too lazy to track them down to count them.

Not yet. But I will be.

yep, over 50 here too…and have been told I was a “collector”, but I’m really not.
Many of you have seen these before, so pardon the redundancy…

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Now that’s impressive.

My mind is blown. You don’t just have a very large collection, but you easily have one of the coolest offices.

Ewoks? No. Ewoks with YYJ’s on their utility belts? Absolutely.

Dude thats is awsome. love the displays that you have very nice. And the tag on your car, that is so cool.

i think i know what i am going to put on my licence plate when i can drive :smiley:


or… ILLY


All I can say is "WOW’ catman!!! BTW my dad bought a BMW from Concord BMW back in 1980.


You know, i think i might have seen that licence plate on one of my trips to concord last year…

You have a great collection btw.

thanks all…and I didn’t mean for my post to hijack the thread (sorry for that)- the subject was collectors who are over 50 and it seemed to fit.

May I ask if you go by Lucky, Catman?

I’m only 38 but I’m working on the collection already. I sell no more!

I just wish I had a fraction of Lucky’s collection…Bay Area here…


Age 54. Still love to throw.

ILLY? do u mean ILYY