Any members into K-Pop?

I have gotten into K-Pop music recent, and wonder who are artist you enjoy listen to.

Se7en is my favorite K pop artist and I also enjoy Taeyang.

Maybe share some song, and artist?

Thank you.


is it anything like modern Japanese music?
… perhaps link me to a few you know?..

as far as Japanese music goes, I like euphonius, still need to learn the names of a few others I like ;D


How does this add to his thread in any way? honestly, no need to post at all if this is the kind of thing you will say.

On that note, I was never into K pop too much, but I do like this one song I found a while back:

Cool beat and sound to it.


I’ve heard that name in a few racist Asian jokes… :frowning: hear those a good bit…doesn’t help the stereotype if your an Asian who’s good at an obscure sport/talent…
Never heard the music.

that does sound pretty good, even tho i dont understand a thing in korean… and some of those beats would be fun to do some tricks to

I know a little about k-pop, its kinda popular among the girls here in china. My personal fav is Keep Your Head Down. Really cool.

Just realized this, I’m fairly sure that the OP is Jayyo.

You just guessed that?

Isn’t Haru_Ray his song maker name?

Its not, haha. I’m not even into K pop, nor had I head of those artist listed. o.o


funny. :smiley:

I’m not but my girlfriend is.

Anyway, back to the topic, I’ve been listening to KPop lately and I like Girls’ Generation [SNSD], 2NE1, f(x) and BIGBANG.
And this is coming from a guy who once hated kpop as a whole because of the unnecessary fanwars and stupid stans.

I just used a dubstep remix of “the boys” by Girls generation. Crazy stuff

I’ve talked to Haru_Ray, he’s not Josh… Though he does admit to being the inspiration for Josh’s Fursona, at least in name.

I miss Haru…

And yeah he was always into K pop and try to get me to listen to it. Im still not totally into it, but I have found a few songs I like thats for sure.