K-Pop? K-Pop!!

I know there was a thread here about kpop but that was like from 2 years ago and I don’t want to bring that back from the dead. So I’ll make a new one! :]

So! Any Korean Pop listeners here? Doesn’t matter if you’re a huge fan or just a casual listener.
Anything you’ve been listening to lately or something that’s stuck in your head? How about the next kpop event? Anything kpop related.

Let’s talk about it.

Let me start.

KCON, a kpop convention/concert in California, was 2 weeks ago. I was planning on going but I didn’t have money at that time. I missed out on so much though. I heard G-Dragon did so well and he even made a song with Missy Elliott. I wanted to watch f(x) too.

I went to a large market night [626 Night Market to the LA locals in this board] last weekend and there was a kpop dance class there. They were teaching the dance moves for Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop. Now that song’s stuck in my head. Agh.

G-Dragon’s new song, Coup D’etat, is pretty cool too. Much slower than the usual GD track, but I trust the track 'cause it’s produced by Baauer [guy responsible for Harlem Shake] and Diplo.

Did somebody say K-Pop thread?

WOW YESS. G-dragon.
Big Bang is my all time favorite. and Like. Teen top. and BAP. and ALL OF THE BANDS OKAY
K.Will, and Outsider are also fantastic.
2NE1 is really edgy. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Woot! F(x)!


I didn’t pay much attention to f(x) until a year and a half ago when they performed in San Francisco for that free YouTube concert. From there on, I was hooked. NU ABO, CHU <3, and Electric Shock are my fave songs from them.
It’s all about Amber and Krystal. Worth noting that Amber can rock the gender-neutral clothing better than I do, and I consider myself to have decent fashion sense.

But I’m a huge Girls’ Generation fan. They actually brought me back to kpop after hating on it for so many years due to a bad rep coming from anti-fans and sasaeng fans.
Sooyoung <3 Sunny and Tiffany too. :]