Any Meiko fans?

If anyone else has heard this Indie pop sensation,please post! I adore her and no one else has heard of her


why did you change your username? now i have to retrain my mind! urgh.

She’s from the US, and some of her songs are Stuck on You and Leave the Lights On. Look her up,she’s amazing.

Has no one looked her up yet?

I love indie music. never heard of this meiko person.

Indie music belongs to Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, and Zappa.

I wish I could understand the lyrics of Sigur Ros songs. Silly icelanders.

Guys,actually look for her on YouTube please… :-\

I did. she was okay, i guess.

I saw her live,it was amazing…

Downtempo music is cool too. I have been told this song is “dope”. Whatever that means.

isn’t “dope” another word for “pot”

that gives you an idea of what it means.  :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

Guys,dope means cool. Kinda like the mainstream word for fly…