Any input on the TP Tarasqus?


I’ve been itching for mini but playable yoyos lately and had seen the Turning Point Tarasqus sitting around for a while. Has anyone here had experience with it? If so how does it play? Is it pretty stable or is it easy to tilt similar to how the Popstar tilts?


I used to have one a loooong time ago, all I recall is that it wouldn’t bind properly. As far as play goes, I can’t remember anything

But my all time favorite pocket throw is definitely the Clashcube.


If you’re looking for a good micro yoyo, I’ve heard some great things about the Masamini so it might be worth waiting for that.


Clashcube is 44mm… The opposite of a pocket throw. Wider than most yoyos and the smaller diameter doesn’t help it fit in a pocket.


^^ truth right here


I actually ended up buying a Little Evil 2, seems to fit what I’m looking for.

And yes, I’m anxiously waiting for that Masamini, also hearing great things about it!