Any Duns Broccoli fans here?

as the topic says…
If you are one what are your favorites from him?
Mine are Smoke Pit, Brave Little Toaster, and Feeling Better.

He’s p good. Rhymes in Brave Little Toaster are tight AF.

I really dig his freestyles, too.

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Before he deleted his soundcloud I liked just his normal beats in general and wasn’t a big fan of his rapping until later on after he deleted his account. I started listening to his freestyle stuff and other rap/hiphop songs on the Jensen Kimmitt tribute youtube channel and have been really digging his new stuff.

Listening to Brave Little Toaster on repeat right now.

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I would love to see instrumental versions of all his songs as well.
Plus I got a word form the man himself saying that he’s already working on another EP. ;D
Can’t wait to see more from him.

Not sure how you like his new stuff if you didn’t like the old, I loved “I Ring Bells” and “Bacon Bits,” and if someone could get me a copy if “Street Weasel” I would be forever grateful.

I think he uses a slightly different effect on his vocals now, and his beat production has definitely gotten better, but his rappin is still very similar in style.

I like his beats too. I’m not to crazy about his raps. Anyone know where I can find his beats?

He took 'em down, sadly.

I have a lot of his older stuff on my iPod.

Is he Jensen or is he some on else, I’m just a little confused

I used to be really close minded about the kind of music I listened to. Very Electronic, and rock orientated but not a lot of variety. It wasn’t until around February of last year that I began broadening my horizons and listening to other genres besides what I was used to. One of these genres being Old school rap and hip hop. Never thought to look back on Duns though until now.

Gimme the loot gimme the loot.


Word, you sound a lot like me a few years ago, hmu if you want some suggestions or starting points.

The real question is: Would you like him if you didnt know of his yoyo status?

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Absolutely, given everything else I listen to and my interest in lo-fi hiphop. And given the fact that all my friends I’ve showed the music to think it’s rad.

Do I think a lot of people follow him just because he’s an amazing yoyoer? Yes. Do I care? No.

But the fact of the matter is: his music is good.

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I didn’t know he made music until about a week ago but I really like his current songs. Brave Little Toaster is my favorite.

You bring up a good point.
Would I know about him?

Probably not.

Would I like him if I did know about him?

For sure. His stuff really appeals to the twist on old school rap I like. Not stuff like RUN DMC but more lke stuff like The Fugees and RZA.

Alright, brave little toaster is awesome. End of story