Jensens music


I was watching the caribou lodges tutorials and liked the music and would like to download the albums. However I realized Jensen Kimmitt makes the music and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Does anyone know where I could find these albums?


He does make some sick beats huh. And I know there was a site he used to use to upload his music for people to download but then awhile back he deleted it.


Ya, I love his beats. It’s no good if I can’t find them, download them and rock em out though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he is going to start posting stuff for sale soon-ish.



I was super excited when I found out he raps. I bought the ep or whatever on Bandcamp. Definitely worth $3.85.


That “still the champ” song is really good actually. Doesn’t even sound like it would be his voice but he still has good style and some pretty good flow.


I get a kick out of “Brave Little Toaster.”


I like the links guys but I know there is more out there. I’m looking for the instrumental stuff he puts on his tutorials for clyw. Maybe I’ll hit him up that way.