any drag racers?

so titile says all! haha! any drag racers like quarter mile and 8th mile…my dad does nmca…so just wondering

did in the past. I used a pickup truck though. Yes it was fast.

The trick to Drag Racing with Trucks is that they fill it full of furniture, and for every item you lose down the stretch, a second gets added to your time.


My family owns a dragstrip and I used to race ;D

is it ok if i post a video of my dads car on this thread? just making sure its ok

It’s totally cool man

i was in the backseat of a drag race…please tell me that counts :slight_smile:

Not when I was racing. I had no tailgate so I think things would fly out as soon as I gave it gas. Ask Brad about my old truck. lol

So you weren’t good at all.

so here it is… we were the first car in a class called true street to go 7 seconds in the quarter mile. his time for this pass ended up being a 7.99 at 175 mph. plus its an all steel car except for a fiberglass hood:)
not sure how to post the actual vid off of youtube so heres the link…
tell me what you think:)

That car is freakin’ fast!!! What’s he got in that thing?

we’ve got a ty-tech racing 598cid with a nitrous proflow plate and fogger…but we are looking to put a bigstuff f3 procharger:) hopefully running high 6’s in that quarter:)

No. That means my truck had more power than the stuff had holding power. So if I raced it I had to take anything in the back out so it wouldn’t end up on the track.

I once witnessed two transvestites get chased down Bleecker Street by the cops…does that count…?

yea im gonna say its counts:) thats funny :smiley: