Any Despicable Me fans?

If you ever have seen despicable me 1 or 2
share what you thought of it

i really liked the minions there so funny

I’m having a bad bad day, if you take it personal, that’s okay. Steam Rollin whatever I see, Ughh, despicable me!

I like that song to

Love those movies, especially when I watch them with my son. Well, the first one we watch a bunch. Second one we saw once in the theatre.

I liked #1, but #2 wasn’t as good.
#1 had comedy that an adult could like, #2 was kid funny stuff…

I still haven’t seen the second.

Same. #1 was good. I a little awkward story line, but overall funny.

I liked the first but the second was too childish, even for me and I record two hours of spongebob every day.

I love the movies #2 should be here soon (we pre ordered it). The minions are awesome.


yea they are ;D ;D ;D ;D

My favorite part of #1 is when the girl goes into the spike closet thing and the door closes and you see red stuff come put of the bottom and the 2 other girls are freaking out. Then it opens and you see that she’s fine and she’s holding a juicebox with a hole in it and she sais,“It poked a hole in my juicebox”

Iron Maiden

My favourite part is when Vector is messing around with the shrink ray and the toilet sprays him.

“Curse you, tiny toilet!”

Not because it’s strictly the funniest part of the movie (though it’s good) but because it’s one of the first “jokes” my son picked up on all on his own, and he laughed his head off. Which made me laugh my head off. Which made us both just say “Curse you, tiny toilet!” over and over again for the next several weeks. :wink:

i like the part where the minion shakes up the pop bottle and it shoots across the store

I like the minion karaoke part when they are in the super market. I also love the fact that those three minions stay dressed like that for the rest of the movie.

Nobody knows that minions THE MOVIE is coming soon?

My thoughts exactly. That was my sense of humor

Yes, I did! I saw it at the end of the credits in #2. All it’s going to be is a huge banana dancing with minions going “BANNANA”. I rest my case

#1 was fantastic. It’s one of my favorite movies.

#2 was very much a disappointment.

UlmerIsANerd and I are!