Harry Potter 7 part 2

Who loved it???

i think Molly Weasly’s line killing Lestrange was the best.

“Not my daughters you _____!”


Actually I saw part one and two so I didn’t have to wait six hours outside of a movie theater, and I could watch something while I waited…

I liked it. Although sounds like a lot of you had sucky time seeing it. I didn’t wait in any line, and sat in a half filled house on day one. :slight_smile:
I think my favorite part was actuly getting to see them all finaly.

My childhood, gone.

I went to see it during the afternoon the day it came out so there was no line. I’m not really a harry potter fan but I liked it. My favorite part was the fact that they used the same actors for the kids as the adults because there so dang old.

look at the credits. they didnt. i dont think. maybe i need to look at em again.

me and my mom were commenting that after the movie

Now what do I have to keep me from suicide?



I still have to see the sixth one and 7 part 1

Yes carl, laugh

Every movie will now be released in two parts to milk out the last of the profit before the franchise dies.

Kinda weird, if you ask me. The first part was all fluff.

Because the rest of the series’ income was going to charity?

Most people don't sit down and watch four hour movies at the theater, I'm sorry. They did a great job making these last two in my opinion. They could either make a four hour movie, make a bad two hour one, or make two separate movies. I would gladly watch a really long one but some people wouldn't agree. I actually heard the reason it was longer was because they couldn't really take out any details to make it shorter like they could with the others. One of the reasons I liked these last two were because they didn't do that.

but I do agree that the first part wasn’t quite as good.

My sister saw it and she liked it.

The only results yielded from a google search says she is a leading supporter of a certain charity. I never saw anything claiming that “the rest” of the profit was going straight to them.

You seem pretty confident in your statement though, so I’ll believe you. I don’t know why you framed it as a question, seeing that you are usually pretty sure of yourself.

It was a question because of the sarcasm, y’know, the stuff that is practically dripping off of that sentence.

Unless I was counter sarcasmed, in which case, bravo

i just got back from seeing it…now i just have to see the other six movies

you mean 7?

Tee hee.

It was amazing everybody in the theater clapped and cheered at that part. Including me. 8)