Any GoT fans around here?

Anybody around here a fan of Game of Thrones? I like that there are so few characters that are pure good or pure evil, and how being one of ‘the good guys’ really doesn’t spare you from spectacular death.

Anyway, I just watched the latest episode, ‘The Rains of Castamere’. I think I need a hug.


It’s a good series! A total cliche to say this, but the books are even better. I think they’re doing a fantastic job with the TV series as well, but the books are something else.

Really great acting all around. One friend thought that Daenerys is “off”, but I think the actor’s doing a good job.

My girlfriend and I started watching the show a few months ago. We don’t have HBO, so just downloaded the first 2 season from iTunes.

After watching half of the first season, I promptly bought and read all the books, then reread them, then rewatched both seasons of the show.

I really don’t know what I’m going to read while waiting for the next book to come out!

The series are being updated more quickly than books are being written! I hope he finishes it all up in time for the TV to have a continuous run. :smiley:

I think the plan at the moment is for 7 books and 7 seasons of the TV show. They’ve split book 3 into two seasons (S3 and S4) so I’m guessing two of the other books are being crammed into one season if that’s to be the plan.

Anybody else seen the Red Wedding episode yet?


Given his track record, I think it’ll be tough for him to finish it up in time. :wink:

Fair point. Maybe they’ll do it Arrested Development style and have season 7 turn up 6 years after the end of season 6 XD


They’d have to re-cast certain characters. Ah well.

At the rate this is going, they’ll have killed off just about every character anyway.


True fact!

I’m rounding out my first season and then into my second hoping to find the 3rd streaming. :slight_smile:

I have seen all three seasons… It is my fav show on TV at the moment. I would love to read the books too!!! It is one of those Shows that I can’t wait for Sunday night for!!! hehe… HBO rules that way!!! I remember watching the 1st episode back in the Spring of 2011 and I thought wow… This is something. I was hooked. I tend to watch the Sunday episode and tape it at the same time then rewatch it again that same night… Then again a few more times in the week.

S1 I have seen a good 8 times… S2 AT LEAST 10 times… And S3 5 times… I will rewatch S1,2 and 3 before S4 starts in 2014… I just love it!!!

I also love the fact that everyone has the good and evil side… Well except a few (Joffery) but all in all it’s an excellent series!!! Our very own “yoyoexpert” aka Andre` Boulay is a huge GoT fan as well!!!

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Exciting I am just a fan of the well … All of it too lol.

Wow!!! Haha right on!

I’m one of those people. Enjoyed the books, can’t cope with the tv show. The only character that really resonates with me in the show is Tyrion. And I can’t bear Shaun Bean! It’s like Sharp all over again!