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Hello all,

I have been into reading for about 3 years now and boy it has been amazing. I am now reading the fourth book of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and that series is so good. Also, other popular reads I have done are, The Harry Potter series, Hunger games, maze runner, life as we knew it, etc.

Anyways do you guys have any good books that you have read or would recommend checking out?

(2Sick Joey) #2

There is no such thing as an exciting book haha


Lord of the Rings. The book is way better then the movie (Poor Tom Bombadil).


Incarceron. Ender’s game.

And not exactly exiting, but rather disturbing: I am the Cheese, and the Giver series.


Haha yomagic I thought the same thing until i gave it a chance and then I could not stop reading haha. Hmm maybe I will check those out, I have not because the movies do not attract my attention, but the books might be different.


Hmm is that based on the movie that is out right now?


You are reading and have read everything that ive read. May i suggest Divergent? It is great. Also check out the pendragon series. It is great.


Cool will do i have a few people that I know that really like pendragon so that should be good does the story take place in the past or future?


The movies based on the book. The movie has shamed its name.


The looking glass wars Series by Frank Beddor. It’s the true story of Alyss in Wonderland. :slight_smile: so good.


Present, but it kinda travels in time.


Yeah lol that is what I meant, and movies do that a lot with books unfortunately.


Awesome guys it’s gonna take me a while to read all this but great suggestions!


No, the movie is based on the amazingly epic book, which is one of my favorite books of all time.

I’m currently reading the Lorien Legacies series, which is pretty good.

Also, I just read Fahrenheit 451, and that was really good.



Couple of books by Nelson DeMille:

“The Charm School” - it takes place during the Cold War, and the Soviets take possession of captured American Vietnam War prisoners and put them in a camp, where they are forced to train Soviet spies to talk, act, etc… just like real Americans. Pretty chilling. Great book.

“The Lions Game” - incredible beginning to this book. A Libyan national takes it upon himself to come the the USA to take revenge on each pilot who bombed his country years ago.

Most anything by Clive Cussler is good, fast-paced, and interesting. Look out, though, Cussler has books from the 80’s that are still in print and available at book stores (he’s that good), so if you want to be sure and get something more recent, check the copyright date at the front of the book! :slight_smile:

(Owen) #17

The Cat in the Hat is a fascinating read. I also find the “Dick and Jane” series very intriguing. Really suspenseful stuff.


Cool I really like those war type books. I’ve read fallen angels which takes place in the Vietnam war and it was really good. So I will definitely check those out.


Cat in the hat really? -.- lol

(Erik Kerber ) #20

I read alot of star wars books

The one Im reading Right now is called out bound flight