Harry Potter Thread

Any HP fans out there? i am almost done rereading the series. for the 4th time :slight_smile:

They are definitely one of those series where you can read them over, and over, and over again.

Did you see the new movie? IMO it failed, it was good in the beggining, but at the end it just seemed to cram everything in. It cod have really used a part three.

Ha! Only 4? I’ve read them 9 times! And you’re right the movie did do that. It was terrible.

well sorry! i havnt read the series since 3rd grade :stuck_out_tongue:

(6 years)

yeah, i thought it coulda been better. at least they were sensible enough to have 2 parts

Well I’ve read most of them about 5 or 6 times… some of them maybe ten or so? I forget, it’s been a couple years or so…

I’ve ended up reading various ones at times after being left at school without a book of my own, and having to get something from the library, which probably makes up half the times I’ve read any of them… (whenever I look for something: they don’t have it. They always have Harry Potter though…)

I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve read that series. lol. usually now when i reread them i start with the goblet of fire instead of the sorcerers stone. The 4th is when they really start to get good ;D.

I have never read the whole series. :-[ Guess it’s not my type of book. I got half way through the 5th book and then summer came stopped, then I guess I just never got back to reading it.

Why do they call it sorcerer’s stone in America?

'Cause down heres in the Americas, we’s not’s the smarticlest. ;D But seriously, I just think it’s that American English is a bit different than British English.

I’m a huge HP fan. Read the series over fifteen times. Good Stuff.

i could not tell by your sig.

Hey, In band we’re actually playing the Harry Potter theme. It’s called “Hedwigs Theme.”

Only 4? Weak.

Now we’re talking

I think I might approach that number with the 5th (my favorite), but otherwise, you’ve got me beat.

I love HP, and supposedly JK Rowling is writing another series that takes place in that world. Hope it’s good!

Harry Potter was a book?


read the books 3 times watched the movies way to many times to count

btw i thought the last movie was epic though they could of made it a little better toward the ending