Any baseball guys?


I’ve recently taken a wee bit of a break from yoyoing because I’ve been so wrapped up in baseball and baseball equipment (gloves mainly), and I was wondering if anyone around here had the same interests and was willing to share some thoughts. I’m currently torn on which to pour money into. If it’s yoyoing it’ll be marmot 2 + some accessories; if it’s baseball it will likely be a Wilson a2000 b2 for pitching/outfield. I also have a Rawlings heart of the hide that I got this past Christmas. I own the Rawlings (tan) and am considering the Wilson (chocolate brown) as opposed to a wooly marmot and some extras.


Man. I wish you would’ve been into this last year. I would’ve hooked you up with a Nokona,


What model was it? I haven’t been able to find too many opinions on nokonas.


There are no opinions on Nokona. It’s a widespread fact that they are the best. I can’t remember the model now but it was over $200 new…

Ask Jacob Gross. He’ll tell you how good Nokona is.


I’ve got a ton of baseball cards ranging from 1960-20–. I want to sell.


I’ve never played baseball but I’m a huge fan of the sport. One year I was so hooked on the yankees my heart was beating every morning before I found out if they won.


you dont need a 200$ glove for baseball it just looks nice i have a tpx… i just forgot the name of the glove
but anyway i love it i downgraded from an a2000 and i like this better it has the same webbing as the heart of the hide and was only70$ its chocolate brownwith tan lacing

(G2 Jake) #8

Did you already pick one up?

If you pitch and play outfield, I would get an outfielders glove and stick with your Rawlings for pitching. You want the longest glove you can have for outfield.

A2000 was a great glove when I was looking. Unless they have different models I think it’s a short glove for middle infielders.

I went with the nokona just because I wanted something to last for a long time.


You have a HOH and you are already replacing it with an a2000? Both those gloves should last you 4+ years and 10+ if you take care of them. Save the glove money if I were you.


My favorite glove is by far the Rawlings pro preferred. I have had it for three years and I love it. I’m not planning on replacing it anytime soon either. The only thing is that I have a custom trapeze web and I think that an I web would be better for third base. (Easier to break in too)