Any advice or preference on glove vs tape?

I currently don’t use anything in regards to a glove or tape, but recently I burned myself with the string doing a trick.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Don’t burn yourself with a string.

string burns happen. when you notice a trick requires a lot of pressure/friction on your hands/fingers
try and see if you can adjust to loosen it. but eventually you will build small calluses in the more common areas.
if you really feel like you need it, i suppose you could pick up a glove, however i personally dont like them. hope this helped.

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I prefer tape, I have a glove, and the finger tips get stuck in loops very easily, not to mention I feel like they really take a lot of the feel away from the string, so it makes it more difficult for me. That’s just my opinion though, you could always try both and see what you like, gloves are not really expensive.