Anti yoyo tv

Hey kids! I just wanted to let you know that veggie tales is really a soviet training program devoted to destroying your yoyo skills by way of hypnotizing you with talking veggies.
As I am writing this I am about to be food processed into baby food.

~Larry the cucumber

I actually laughed out loud… HAHAHA.

I laughed out loud for 35 seconds! and when i read it to my dad, i could barely read it!

Hey kids! i forgot to mention that bob the tomato is really a glob of nuked cherry gelatin and Brussel sprouts, he wears a green wig to get that tomato look just right.

~Larry the cucumber

What?? No way… You ruined the show.

~Bob the tomato.

There’s instructions here:,58561.0.html

~Bob the tomato.

I’m jealous of all the awesome new names. lol

Hey kids! Who knew, being stuck in a baby food jar ain’t half bad, it gives me a new perspective of life!
Until I get eaten.

~Larry the cucumber