Anti-Yo Busine$$ vs Kyo senza nome?

what do you the expert think plz leave your thought.

I had fairly bad experiences with Anti-yo, and I actually happened to have a Senza Nome.

get the Senza Nome

could you be more specific

Well, I bought a bapezilla for about $200 and didn’t like it, it was my fault for thinking a 2006 throw would perform to today’s standards

then I bought one of those YWET and again, I was disappointed with them

I had the opportunity to get a Senza Nome in a trade, it was a fine throw, I played with it quite much before I ended up trading it for no particular reason.

the anti-yos were just sitting there and I wasn’t playing. I, however, did play the Senza Nome quite a bit.

I can’t speak with the Busine$$ but as far as I know (which is not very far, actually) at that time, the bapezilla was where it was, seeing how it performs to today’s standards, I can assume the busine$$ has a similar performance at best. I’m only assuming, you can actually find reviews of these throws on the web.

the Senza Nome does play alright to today’s standards tho.

Some people are happy with Anti-Yo, I’m not one of these people. I’ll give that brand a last chance with their next release, I actually believe they’ll get it right this time, we’ll see. But I won’t buy one of their old throws anymore, it’s hard enough already to get rid of my bape.

I just got a Busine$$ and can’t put it down. This isn’t a case of cost justification, either (I traded a super beat BvM for it).

I think it’s ridiculous to say a yoyo from 2006 CAN’T perform up to today’s standards.

My Busine$$ has me wanting more Anti-Yo, but I’m not going to pay ridiculous amounts for any.