Another CLub issue


As you know I have plans of starting a yo-yo club. I thought to myself to instead of focusing on just yo-yos, I changed it to a Skill Toys Club, just like Duncan Crew. The problem is, the kids who refuse to leave the teacher adviser’s room are a bunch of people that want nothing to do with anything that is not video game related. People outside are student’s with many talents and already do sports, while the kids that I’m stuck with that refuse to learn anything are just gaming nerds that think they can get somewhere in life sitting on the couch.

Is this the right approach of having a diverse club and how do I attract people besides a school announcement?

And people get somewere yoyoing?Contests yeah…but not really a job with yoyoing but you could have more of a caererr with videosgames.

Please, only replies with advice. Let’s keep this forum friendly without starting a flame war. I just want advice on how to attract people to skill toys.

Okay, he did give you advice so, don’t yell at him for no reason.

Now, from what I’ve read from your post, it sounds like the kids in your club aren’t really interested in yoyoing. I’d just let them know that if they don’t make an effort to participate in your club, then their not officaily in your club anymore. That might motovate them to work harder.

The problem is, the kids in their aren’t in the club at all. I try to politely ask them to leave the room but they refuse to. It’s impossible to have them in the corner because they are too loud and it gets in the way of giving an informational meeting. Besides morning announcements, how can I advertise the club?

Take the club to another room. If that’s not possible, than I have no clue what you can do about the kids.

You can make poster of flyers and hang them up around school.

Sounds to me like you need a faculty or staff moderator to keep the riffraff out. Somebody to keep order. While some may think that will cramp your style, it’s better that than to have all the distractions caused by people that don’t belong there.