School Club

I’ve been running a yoyo club at my school for a while now, and so far I have 5 members, including myself. 5. Out of a school of 1200.Might need a “little” help on boosting popularity.

go to a smaller school lol ;D

I have a club of 50 out of 3000. What I did was have my club announced by the head announcers and we stuck posters up. Another thing you can do is yoyo whenever possible, great advertisement. Good luck!

I started one at my school of 2100, and i got 40 people within the first month. Posters only got me like 2 or 3 people and i put up a TON of them. Honestly it’s about you hyping up people to join and telling them all the pros of it, they’ll feed off of your energy and want to join if you hype it right! From then on word will get around through your members and before you know it you’ll have more people than you can handle :slight_smile: In mine i have to split my club into groups with group leaders helping them so each person can get an adequate amount of attention and help. Hope i helped!!!

I have a good 35-40 at my highschool club that i started last year. Other than getting some outreach via posters and just yoyoing between classes, i have found that snacks, music, and email contact tends to help bring people in and keep them there. If i can help in any other way just PM me


While 5 may seem discouraging at first, be happy that you have 5 in the first place who show genuine interest! I remember seeing small groups of yoyoers before who while didn’t have the largest in numbers, all had fun and put out some good quality tricks.
Better to have 5 who have a genuine love for it than many who do it due to popularity,