Another 3A Set?

So I want to get another 3A set to carry around,
As I’m afraid to ding up my Maxbets.

I’m thinking
Super Gs

Anyone else have any other sets to recommend?
And please explain why they would be a good choice as well? Thanks!

If you don’t mind non-all-metals, then I would recommend the YYJ C-Force. Apparently, it’s designed for 3A play, so it would fit your play. At the same time, it is cheaper than the metals you have mentioned, so dinging them would be less painful than if you ding any of those metals.

Hmm, true.
But I’m getting these metals used so it’s not a big deal to me.
Plus i really hate the look of solid red plastic, I just think it’s unattractive on anything really.
Wish they made blue or green!

I agree. They need too offer more colors on the C-Force. It’s not that I dislike the color of the red, but in my case, I intentionally want different colored throws for when I do things like 2A and 3A.

I have a pair of Shinwoo Techno2’s that I intend to beat up for 3A.

I wouldn’t use supernova 2012 but genesis are dope for 3a and super G’s would be as well I think

I use Duncan Echoes. There pretty stable and kind of heavy at 68 grams. In my opinion very good for 3A. They don’t cost too much at around $90 for a pair.

If you don’t want to ding anything up, I heard that yyf protostars are really good for 3A.

Yeah protostars would be good and they come in other colours

Alright so
ive narrowed to Genesis and Super Gs.
help me out please!

come one guys!

I’d say Genesis. They have all the characteristics of a great 3a pair.