Which 3A pair should I get? And why.

So I’ve been thinking either
TP Maxbets
TP Solenoids
TP Positrons
YYR Clashes
YYR Glepnirs
YYF Genesises

Anyone have any others to recommend?
No budget.
And please explain why I should get what I get?

Whats your skill level. I wouldn’t drop $400 dollars if you are a beginner

Intermediate and I’m now doing string tricks.
I’m upgrading from 2 C3 Darkstars
So getting into more advanced!

So mind suggesting which pair I should get?

Wow… ??? ??? ??? ??? ???..stepping up?
I thought darkstars played awesome on 3a.

Is it that you dont like the feel or shape of the darkstars so your moving on?
Not trying to bash your decision… Just thought stepping up would be going to darkstars. Cool. Umm
ok… oooo… Wonder what 2 code 2’s would look like… Especially in splashes.

Hehehe ::slight_smile:

Ehh, it’s like,
I like them better for 1A and 5A to be honest.
Not my favorite for 3A
They feel weird to me playing 3A
2Code 2s? Hmmm maybe
I have one already!

well from i have read the turning point maxbets were designed with 3a in mind.

Or positions. I heard Kentaro started using these more than his max bets. I don’t have the money for 2 $200 yoyos so all I have are my G5s and protostars. I prefer the protostars.

So either Maxbets or Positrons?
Can someone compare the stability and play of these 2 yoyos?


No one has mentioned a C-Force? What kind of world is this?

C Force? How is it? Mind telling me how it plays?

As of now.
Choices are
YYR Glepinir
TP Maxbet.
And maybe YYF MVP

Forgot TP Solenoids

Come on 3A players!
Please help?

My friend uses two MVP’s for his 3a and they play fantastic! very very stable.

As far as I’m concerned, I use a Sleipnir and a Gleipnir ;D
I’d go for Gleipnirs as I find 58mm+ yoyos too big for 3A, and they have a very good stability.
On the other hand, if you’re not afraid with the size, I think Clashes are slightly better

maxbets for sure.

here’s a reason why:

CLYW Avalanches are amazing for 3a, they are extremely stable, without any tilting issues, and have a good catch zone for fun poppy tricks.

Otherwise Magaroos are fun for 3a, as well as the Oscillitrix. I very much enjoy the Hazmat and could see that being amazing for 3a,

C-Force Video = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMV2ZNueMoI

I used Geneses for a good while and to be honest I think they are top notch for 3a.