Which pair of these would you recommend I get for what I want? (1A + 3A)

So I play mainly 1A and 3A and was looking to upgrade to a metal pair from my old C3 Alpha Crashes. I’ve been playing for a few years now and am looking for a yoyo that can I can play MAINLY 3A with a side of 1A. I actually like playing with anything above 43mm width. I also do horizontal and fingerspins a lot of the time besides regular 1A and 3A so there’s that. Of course I’ll be looking for a yoyo that’s pretty stable. I’m even trying to incorporate horizontal into my 3A. I like yoyos that are anything above 55mm as well.

I contacted a friend of mine who moved away a year back and remembered that he liked to get multiples of yoyos whenever he bought and thought it would be great to get a pair from him for 3A and whatnot. The yoyos above are what yoyos he’s willing to sell a pair of at a lower price… I’m kinda leaning towards the Genesis, Torque, and Accelerators…

Thank you in advance.