Another $180 titanium yoyo pre-order

EDIT Pre-order is over. Can’t add anymore and there won’t be extras.

Some of you might have seen this, some of you may not have. Either way, I asked if it’s ok to post here and I got the go ahead.

Meet the Wanker.

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Here are the specs
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 48mm
Gap: 4.7mm
Weight: 66g (ish)
Axle: 10mm
Bearing: CT shape bearing.
Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Price: $180 shipped

The Wanker is a comfy Wing shaped yoyo. It’s a bit big, a bit wide and will feel like a chunk of metal to hold. There’s plenty of rim weight, ultra thin walls and enough center weight for feel and regen control. It should give a lot of performance and just enough feel to stop it from being a brick at 66g.

It’s pre-order only. All the money down now. Pre-order period ends on the 18th March. I’ll make the payment to the machine shop just before I leave for EYYC on the 20th and it’ll take around 1.5 months to complete. I’ll share updates as I get them on my Instagram (@ChaosGoW) and here. Once I have the yoyos, it’ll take 1-2 weeks for me to ship them but they’ll all ship together on the same day. Do not count on me ordering extras to sell after the fact, it won’t happen.

It’s $180 shipped using Royal Mail. Additional Wankers will be $170 each. I won’t be offering fast shipping on this as the point is to save money on everything except the yoyo. Only payment option is PayPal. USD. Friends and Family. I can’t stress this enough. Paypal, USD, Friends and Family. Unfortunately this means if you can’t send using this payment method, you’ll have to PM me so we can talk about it.

To get in on it, just PM me and I’ll let you know where to send your money.

I’m doing it because titanium is cool but expensive. It’s hard for most people to justify $300+ for a yoyo but maybe you can feel better paying $180. I don’t make much money on it, it’s not about money. It’s about getting a killer yoyo in your hands for a bargain price. You’re free to use it as your sparker or keep it mint.


i could really use myself a wanker


lol :joy:

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I’m aware it’s a silly name. After the last cheap titanium I ran, I decided it’s time to make it a tradition.


Looking forward to taking this ride. I wasn’t around for the last but picked one up later and love it.

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It really is a beautiful shape!

Can you tell me what’s going on with the finish and/or photography, or are these renders? I can’t tell what I’m looking at with that center line separating two different looks… Thanks


They’re renders not photos. The center line is just a reflection of the scene. Not trying to fool anyone, I’m sorry if I gave that impression.


Not at all, I just wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Thanks

Looks beautiful and comfy!

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That’s the problem with box environments. And that’s why I prefer cyclotrons for model turntables and product beauty renders. With a cyc, there are no 90° angles presenting ugly creases or sharp, obvious horizon lines. Instead you get a smooth gradient, which looks better in reflections.


Well it was plainly my inexperience that had me confused! I was pretty sure the 2nd pic was a render, but the 1st and last ones look so realistic!

You should have called it the Willy Wonker.


I’m not about to mess with Hollywood


Hollywood’s a pushover. But whatever you do, don’t mess with Texas!



I know plenty of Texans and they’re all softies.


Yeah sure until you mess with them.


No, seriously. I don’t think Kyle or Bachi would hurt a fly for any reason. Even if it killed their mothers.


Willy Wanker


ultimate in redundancy


Well we know it can’t be the “Wee Willy Wanker” at least…

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First the DR, now the Wanker. I fear the next installment will be named ‘■■■ Blaster 5000’.

Excited to get mine! I love the shape.