Ano Experiment Tritons

I had few raw Tritons left over so this is what I did with them.
Twisted Berry and Splat Tritons

That splat triton looks amazing but I wish it had engravings

Do more ppl want engravings?

I vote yes.

It’s not a big deal but I like engravings.

Engravings are my precious.

It looks so clean though

I dislike engravings, and try to avoid them.


I’ve been in this hobby for about a month. Don’t have a G2 yet. Hoping to end that tomorrow.

You should make them without engravings at least as an option.

I like the engravings, but on Ano like these two, I vote no. Its really a case by case basis. I generally go with no engravings if I can because I like the clean lines of the yoyo and the uninterrupted splash if there is some. The Splat is really great looking, it reminds me of a few Vs.Newton that Jason Wong did, which is pretty darn high complements in my opinion.

No, that big pink middle area is begging you to engrave it.

That Splat is sick!

That big pink area would look great with a custom engraving of some sort; not sure it’d be improved by the standard Triton engraving.

If custom engraving is not an option, I say leave blank.

Is this in house anodizing or Gruntbull?

Twisted Berry would look good engraved in that all pink cup but leave the splat alone is my vote

I typically hate engravings. Personally, I thought it was the best thing about the looks of the albatross and the nessie.

I absolutely love the splat ano. You need some green mixed in there!

Twisted Berry looks like it’s meant to be engraved, Splat looks sick just the way it is, though. Either way, those look awesome! :slight_smile:

So who got the other splats? I got one, and by the time I was done checking out, they were sold out.

When did they go up for sale?? I saw absolutely nothing about that!

8pm. they still have the twisted berries.