Ann Connolly Whip Unboxing

Just some unboxing pictures. It was a nice surprise to see they threw in a blue/white/black mix instead of a yellow for once.

I must say that this thing is a player. I would pay 30-40 bucks for this thing. It can handle almost anythig you throw at it. Completely changed the way i look at plastics… And yoyofactory

I have one as well (for the center trac lol), and it does play well, and it’s stable, no vibes. However, the spin time, even with the center trac, is somewhat lacking, even on a good throw. I still think a Protostar, Trigger, Severe, or PSG would be a better buy, but it’s well worth it for the center trac.

I completely agree, the Center trac is the only reason i bought it so i switched it for a speed bearing and i must say it still plays like a champ for 10$. Im very impressed by the purchase. The only other plastic ive played in the last 2 years is a FHZ so i wouldnt know how well a plastic can play.

You got some testing to do then! Get your hands on a Cream, Protostar, Legacy, etc. Crazy good plastics are out there.

Well id rather save up and buy better throws than spenfing it on plastics. I know ill probably give in eventually and buy a proto but for now im just finding out MY throw. Im hoping its my avalanche that i have coming for chrristmas.

Facepalm. They’re plastics out there that blow most metals out of the water.

Whats the diff between the Ann Connolly Whip and the regular Whip? Just the addition of the CT bearing?

I have a regular one and its a pretty decent little throw. Not the best for a beginner as a first unresponsive yoyo ATMO because of the low weight. It plays nice once you have a good strong throw though. Ive tried mine with the CT bearing from my Protostar and didn’t really think there was too much of a difference. Ill have to try it with a 10Ball sometime…

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The blue has a sort of whitish streaks in it, and the stickers on the hub are pink and black instead of white and black, it also says ann connolly on it.