Anime lovers?

Um, I watched Your Lie in April all the way through, never really got into anime though.

Aw man, I used to be a total weeb but my interest plateaued & now I wanna get back in it. I’m watching Bakemonogatari.

Short for weeaboo, a weeb is someone who is absolutely fanatical about Japan and anime. Think the type that only drink Ramune and eat ramen and probably own an onahole to go along with their lifesize bestgirl pillow. Yea, it’s an insult.


I remember weebs use to be called otaku, but I’m pretty sure that’s just nerd in Japanese.

I think there is a differentiation. Weebs are typically Americans who obsess over Japan because of anime, and think it is some fantasy land. They shun everything non-Japanese, wish they were Japanese, and some even believe they are at heart (even if they are just some white kid). All weebs are otaku, but not all otaku are weebs.

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True enough, although, I think you left out the part about how many waifu bodypillows they own. /s

I know some pretty decent dudes online who have those waifu pillows and perv caves. It’s the type of crap that ruined the anime industry imo, since those are the guys who buy stuff. Ive watched my share of cute girl anime in the past, but it was never my thing.

Anybody here watch Slam Dunk? I was going back through some of my (cough) downloads and remembered how great sports anime can be. That and Ashita no Joe, an incredible tear-jerking boxing series that is like the Rocky equivalent in anime form

What are your favorites? Not sure im a fan of Robotech (because SDF Macross exists), but yea im a huge mecha nerd myself.

Gasaraki, full metal panic, neon genesis, aldnoah zero, the big o, escaflowne, southern cross… im sure im forgetting a bunch lol

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Oh and Steins;Gate is pretty great, mainly because of its connection to “real life events.”

Neon Genesis has one of the most memorable opening songs

I thought Aldnoah Zero was a bit of a letdown, but the rest are quite good. Ever watch Gurren Lagann? Not as dark as the ones you mentioned, but the over the top mecha parody is one of the best in the business. As for more traditional mech, Votoms and of course Zeta Gundam, the ultimate Gundam series.

I guess you could say that I’m a casual anime enthusiast. I do like mecha anime, though as someone who grew up playing Battletech long before ever seeing Robotech, it kinda bugs me that virtually all anime mecha are basically proxies for samurai (rather than proxies for main battle tanks). I prefer mechs that are essentially vehicles, not glorified suits of armor.

I really loved The Saga of Tanya the Evil, and really wish there was a second season. I’m not a fan of isekai specifically, but I also kinda liked GATE. I liked Elfen Lied and Hikaro No Go. So my tastes cross numerous genres.

There are, however, some anime genres I just don’t get the appeal of, maybe because I’m a guy. For instance, I don’t understand what the appeal of Violet Evergarden is. I’ve watched a few episodes out of curiosity, and the whole thing is a titanic bore. And I know everyone will berate me for saying this but I just never saw what the big deal was about Cowboy Beebop. It was well done, sure, but in terms of tone and story it just wasn’t my thing.

I find that I can enjoy a quality anime of almost any genre. You can go into it not even liking the premise, and then be dying for more of the same when you finish. Hikaru no Go is a pretty good example. I never expected to enjoy watching 10 year olds play a board game, but I was sucked in and found it quite gripping.

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Who else amped for My Hero season 4? I’m
caught up on the manga but I find the anime a little more gripping. The action oriented stuff in particular is better and occasionally Horikoshi has a series of panels that are just hard to follow exactly what’s going on.

I honestly stopped reading or watching anything apart from Miyazaki’s stuff for the longest time until my friend got me into this. I checked out Attack on Titan but it just struck me as one of those JJ Abrams mystery box stories that introduce mysteries as a hook but don’t necessarily have a plan to resolve them. And that might not be the case but I found the pace at which you learned new information to be incredibly slow.

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You anime lovers need to check out new Sturgill Simpson anime movie/album! Each song was giving to a different artist to do the anime. it’s on Netflix now!