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@MarkD started a trend so here we go, just in time for #3aThursday

I hate how hard this trick was to get semi-consistent for how easy it looks.


Pt. 2 07/09/19


This looks easy? :flushed:

lol I can barely even just hold 2 non-spinning yos in my hands! >.<’


Looks pretty easy compared to this


I think one of my next goals is to learn that little trapeze combo in the middle of his trick circle


That was really smooth

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He keeps getting 2nd at worlds :sob::sob::sob:

A God keeps getting in his way, first it was Hank now it’s hajime

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Dude hajime is freaking insane :exploding_head:

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Yeah I like watching alex instead cuz it’s actually realistic :joy:

I watch Hajime and I’m like this isn’t real, he isn’t ACTUALLY doing that

Can we talk about the biggest flex in the history of yoyo tho


:joy: for real though!


To my untrained eye that looked really really good.


I’m just waiting for the year that Hajime decides to just go ahead and compete in every division… and wins them all.


I’m waiting for the year when the US wins 4 out of the 5 divisions. Not 2a though cuz that might actually be impossible


So I think some of the hardest things starting 3a is keeping your initial throws straight and aligned, and adjusting tilt. Long combos are pretty much impossible if you can’t do all 3.

I’m still working on tilt correction but I’ve gotten to a point where I can somewhat consistently keep my yoyos straight and aligned initially if I throw with my NTH first.

Since Im pretty comfortable with that now I’m starting to practice throwing the initial throw simultaneously with both hands, which is proving much more difficult but I’m getting there. Also working on long combos and committing to a throw and not binding and retrying in an attempt to try to force myself to work on tilt correction.

Also I really like how this trick looks. Almost makes me look like I’m not a beginner anymore :joy:


Let’s see some 3a mixed with 5a. 2 yoyos with counterweights.

I think that’s called 10a. I’m sure there’s a video of it on YT somewhere.

You might have to dig a little tho, it’s pretty hard to say the least :joy:

LOL 10A what would 4a with a counterweight be?

I haven’t heard or seen that one so idk

I don’t think that would really work because there’s no weight at the end of the string to swing the counterweight around

I guess I’ll be the pioneer brb gonna make damos 9a blog

Oh jk it is called 9a and a guy named Ryan also did it

I’ve never been very comfortable with the velvet mount so I’ve been working on it this week. Still doesn’t look very smooth but I’m workin on it. I got a more advanced velvet combo in the works, hopefully I can get that smoothed out in a couple weeks


Been working on some elements for a blueline combo, this is version 1 I guess. I’m working on some other elements to add in too but those are still a work in progress

Also if you pay attention you’ll notice I’m still having trouble with a smooth transition into the boing so I’m trying to fix that up too.

Btw, Sync spins gud @Mazdarx7FD