Andre should do wifeswap!


That would be hilarious, and I didn’t even know he was married.

Did you see the Steve Brown episode recently or something? :wink:

When was it aired? I just watched the Steve brown one


Who would be the complete opposite of Andre though?

well i belive andre doesnt have kids haha soim not sure if it would work much :frowning:

Nah, we don’t want to set the Boulays up with any crazy people. The only way I could see them putting up with that, is if the show was going to give lot of money toward a charity or something. :-\ I enjoy the show though, it’s entertaining. ;D

I think the only family that could work against the Boulay’s would have to be the anti-fun family. Also, who wouldn’t want to be married to Andre for 2 weeks?

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I’d be okay with being married to Andre for two weeks.


now just curious does it still air? because if it doesn’t then the idea may never happen.

Is there any info on his wife? i heard she is on team YYJ but nothing comes up with her name on google.

I fully support this idea. It get’s the Jesse P seal of approval. I just texted andre about this…he didn’t immediately say no

Her name is Devon, and all I know is she works at YYE with Andre, but I dont know if she is on any teams.

Shes not on any teams currently

I dunno. If i was his wife I wouldn’t want him to walk in the door and say “honey! I found a replacement”.

Jus sayin’