Steve Brown on wife swap.

My mom just put on wife swap on T.V. Turns out the father of one of the families was Steve Brown! I just had to say this and let other throwers out there know.

Woah, that’s really weird.

Not this again… Wife Swap.



I expected this to be a necro…
Anyways is any one is interested I found the episode on youtube:

Oh sorry. I didn’t know this was previously posted. My bad :-[

Yeah its not your fault you probably would have gotten only necro posts if you did use one of the old posts. The funny thing is that these topics pop up pretty regularly now out seems. It must be a popular episode of the play out every couple of months.

This is pretty cool, actually. Thanks for posting it!

It’s been out for a while. In fact someone posted on it a while ago

Ummm, yeah, very old news. Just shows you how current a lot of the programming is.

Watched it. That other family is crazy. I can’t believe what they put their kids through.

I totally agree(she’s crazy)

Those who ignore history (or don’t use the search feature) are doomed to repeat it.

No worries, but it gets posted somewhere about once a month, hahaha.

I remember watching it a year ago, funny episode

I wanna count search and count how many ‘Steve Brown Wife Swap’ threads have been created since the episode came out in 2008.

3 or 4 just on yoyoexpert