Steve Brown on Wife swap!

If you don’t know who Steve Brown is, he is one of the best and most famous yo yoers out there.

Part 1: (long dead link)

Part 2: (long dead link)

Next to where it says megaupload (on the right), type in the three letters into the box a little further to the right. After that you have to wait 45 seconds before you can upload the free version. There is no picture, only audio by the way.


Wow cool!

The Brown household in Cleveland Heights runs on free-spirited energy. Dad Steve is a wizard with a yo-yo and loves his velvet Elvis that hangs over the couch. Mom Marlee is a graphic designer who pads around the house in owl slippers. Since they are parents who work from home, there isn’t a lot of clock watching.

The Neighbor family in Idaho believes in rigid schedules, eat-off-the-floor cleanliness and being tops in every endeavor.

What happens when a member of the Neighbor clan comes to live with the Browns?

Many moons ago (your “toddler” is now a teenager), but how did this go @unklesteve ?


I remember watching this back when it came out.

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Well for starters, she and I are divorced. I got married again in 2011 and have two more kids with my wife Jennifer.

The filming was an interesting experience for sure. Glad I did it but not something I feel any pull to repeat. Definitely weird to have this bizarre time capsule from a failed marriage kicking around in the public eye.


So could we say you… wait for it

swapped wives? :rofl:

I’m really really sorry, this is not the kind of thing anyone should joke about, divorces are not anyone’s idea of a good time but … oh man… that one was just floating around galaxy sized out there.




Digging up the past. Some things are better left alone. Ouch… :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: