André knows Kung Fu

Steve Brown said so

im pretty sure the correct term is yorate


Yup, it’s actually a new martial art, the power of side burns and Dark Magic. :smiley: My favorite!

Welp TA’s on board

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all this thread needs is some yoyoexpert colorway pictures… hint hint

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Doubtful on the Yorate.

But I do know for a fact that Andre has a 1 Finger Degree in Gun-Fu. And also a 4th Degree Blackbelt in Glock-Fu.


Well I got a 2 finger degree both my pointer and index finger are trained. I’ve been excercising them

Rightly so. That’s why he has these action name on his siggys like YoYoJam legacy then not his sig but kick side and if you break In to the headquarters he will kill you with dark hops on dark magic and kick you side. And he meditates for 4 hours and puts all the power in his ghost edition shinwoo light kit moded magic so if you can get that still he has some power stored in his sideburns.

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You guys make this thread like you didn’t know this already. I’m ashamed of you.

Shouldn’t it be Kuhn fu?


No we knew this before but we didn’t know he will use this against us when we are stealing The CLYW YETIS (drool).

Well, I thought it would be obvious that he would be the one standing right outside the 4-foot thick walled vault where they are kept.

No it was not obvious as I was the one with Andre and we both went in to the CLYW quarters to steal the yetis.

I was with him cause he was busy fighting with the CLYW crew. I cracked the (worlds most secret safe) to steal the yetis and give those to Andre .

And he betrayed me. (This was a top secret but the situation demands this).

But no official word from Andre so still I should keep some secrets.

^André betrayed you?

uhh… isn’t your pointer finger and your index finger the same finger?

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