In all the tutorial videos...


Why does Andre have one capped from his DM? Is this reccomended? What does it do? Is it reccomended on a dm2? I can rhyme anytime…


He pops one of them off so that he could do his signature “thumb grinds.”

Where he inserts his thumb inside the lip of the yo-yo while it spins.


Oh right forgot about that! Does it affect play to only have 1 cap?


Not at all


Andre can thumb grind with the cap on if he wanted to anyways :smiley:


At this point, what can André not do?


I dunno, I heard he just found a cure for cancer yesterday :slight_smile:


nooo, the cure was the day before yesterday, yesterday was when he solved world hunger with 1 hand, and the other hand was used to prove string theory.


Yoyo string theory >.>


Oops, silly me.


If Andre and Chuck Norris got in a fight, Andre would win… with out using any of his limbs.


So he would, like, headbutt Chuck Norris to death, right?


Naw, he’d just stare at him (like so) and Chuck would run away crying.


Chuck is a loser :smiley:


I can see him reading this now ;D

Then he gets mad and finds andre and then… 10,000 ELI HOPS TO THE FACE!




Like so, ha, that made my day.

So here’s how you beat Chuck Norris in a fist fight brought to you by expertvillage.
Just throw your yo-yo into a trapeze like so and hop it in the air like so, then aim it to smack it in his face until he goes unconscious, like so. And that’s how you beat Chuck Norris. ;D


Saxon hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaallleeeee


hahaha after a bad day of work this really fixes my issue and i can’t stop laughing



Eli hops with his feet.