and now I can't do suicides...

So, I just got some poly string (before I was using slick 6) and now I can’t do suicides.
Not that I was really good at them before (probably landed half of them if the lighting was not bad) now I can’t do it at all.

Guess it will just take some time to get used to.

Did anyone else get thrown off (no pun intended) when they switched string, or is it just me?

I like slick 6 more. It opens up a bit more than poly for me.

oh man. Really?

Cus I just got 100 polys ::slight_smile:

It all depends, I find that both poly and slick6 open up the same for me. The only time poly doesn’t open up for me is when the string is thin an light. I like my strings to be more on the “fat” side for suicides/whips/slacks. In my opinion the new YYE twisted poly is a little light (not by much) compared to their regular poly.

string tension? My YYE Poly, YoyoGuy String, and the few highlight’s I’ve tried had no problem w/ slack whatsoever.

for some reason 100% cotton strings r the best for me with suicides it keeps the loop open so wide

It is all preference, I mean I like poly more because its not too fat but that is my opinion, if you don’t like the poly just use it for string tricks and use Slick 6 for Slacks/Whips and Lacerations etc.

I do not notice a differance if the string is new. If it keeps it tension It works for me, try doing lindy loop suicide’s then reg suicides, I find double on trapeze suicides easier

Watch this video, study this kids movements.  You can make suicides easyer with yoyo setups, but nothing can replace good technique.

It’s all in the head. There is a slight difference in feel, which may aid the fact that you think you can’t do the trick, when in reality you can.

What will help is if you imagine that you are using slick 6.

The human brain is weird huh?

just try your best, i cant land suicides well, but i am getting better. i dont think it has anything to do with string