An interesting conversation with a 7 year old

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So a while back, I did a yoyo performance at a local youth afterschool program, I travel around the bay area doing yoyo shows for kids at youth groups, churches, schools, etc, where I teach kids the value of practice, perseverance, and creativity through yoyoing, juggling, and a variety of other skilltoys that I perform. Its something I have done since 2004 and couldn’t be happier doing it.

Anyways, I ended up at this youth afterschool program that happened at a church every friday night.

The performance went well, the kids loved it. And I gave out some free yoyos and other stuff to teach them as well.

Anyways, after the show and teaching was over, I was packing up getting ready to leave, and kids were off playing in the indoor playground area and having fun and whatnot, when this young boy came over to me, This kid was 7 years old, everyday standard young little kid. Normally when I have a young one like this come up to me after a show, I expect stuff like “hey how do you do that one thing you did.” Or “Is that a special trick yoyo?” or something of the like.

However, what this kid asked me, really caught me off guard.

“Whats the point?”

What is this now? I give a confused look and ask: “Whats that?”

Him: “Whats the point?”

Im a bit confused, maybe he doesn’t know how to phrase what he is trying to ask correctly. But he continues on.

“Whats the point of this game that you find yourself playing?”

Woah, ok, thats cool I guess, so I reply with what I usually tell people.

“Its fun! It gives me something to do, and its time spent for something better than video games that some people are addicted to.”

He continued on.
“Understandable, but I question about what benefits to the greater society an object like the one you use could contribute to? Is there a benefit at all? Or is it another petty past time like the video games you bring up into question.”

Keep in mind that I am not exaggerating this kids speaking ability at all, he literally had one of the most mature and adult tongues I had ever heard, and Ill say it again, he was SEVEN.

I reply.
“I think it can in a greater sense. Through the shows that I do, I believe I encourage kids to be greater, to want to go higher, and achieve things that they thought they couldn’t achieve. Indirectly, it could greatly benefit the greater society in this way.”

He thinks for a second, and continues.
“I see, so you believe that through the playing of this toy, you can greatly affect the future generations to work toward a better civilization for american and beyond?”

me: “In a sense, yes, I think I can.”

him: “That is interesting. For at first glance, when an individual views what it is you do, they would think that it is nothing more than a useless juvenile activity, that doesnt contribute much to anyone. But to you, you find the greater picture within, a picture that is a window into a brighter future for the many generations to come least the earth be destroyed by natural and un-natural circumstances. Very interesting. I thank you for explaining this to me.”

I found out later that this kid is homeschooled and is apparently ahead a few grades, really interesting guy. But why did I post this story here? well for one, its interesting, but also, for the realization, that what you do as a yoyoer, isnt just a little past time, when used in the right hands, it can have a great affect on the future generations and what will happen in the mysterious beyond.

Just think about it.

You got more power than you might think.

Stay legit, foals.



hope that 7 year old strts to yyo


Was he Asian?


Asians are good at math, not English.

I’m Asian myself, just a little stereotyping fun.

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Nah, I’d guess we’re another experiement ;). I call shennanigans!


And science.

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I wish I could get involved in a gig like that. I have done some performances at schools and absolutely love it.

That kid is wise beyond his years, but a lot of kids seem to be without even knowing it.

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Kid like that is was to serious. I am surprised he took the time to look up from his Wall Street Journal app on his iPhone to watch you, or managed to squeeze in a conversation with you between his board of trustees meetings


like the hidden text
[color=white] ill try it too!


A kid like that at age 7 an change the world. I’m sure that he was surprised he learned something like that about a toy. All of us should look at things in a different way, see what it can do to change lives.


Yeah… kids are losing their innocence way too early. Maybe it’s a good thing, but… I just don’t know.

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Fantastic. Yoyoing, as much as anything can be, is so much more than what is immediately apparent. Not gonna lie, if it wasn’t for the boon that goes along with yoyoing, I’d be out. No joke. The community, the spirit of progression, all of it. It’s one of the bigger things to impact my life, at this point in time. Let’s see how the rest of my years unfold.


Wow man, that’s cool. I would love to do yo-yo shows. You really do help the community a lot, thanks we all appreciate the things you do Josh, you can be sarcastic sometimes, but in the end you help. ;D


i just had that experience at toys r us about a month ago


too serious indeed. Awesome fact however is that he helped J and the rest of us realise the kind of power we yoyoers have.

I bet he went back to the future happy that he learnt and taught something.

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And Americans are good at stereo types.
Cool story jayyo. Sounds a bit familiar, have your posted this one before?


hear hear


I’m also Asian…


Is it possible to be Asian on the inside?