Yoyoing for the Community!

In my town there is a small gift store called sister to sister and every year Santa comes by for a visit, and to take pictures with all the kiddies. Well this year I was asked to entertain the kids while they wait outside in the long line in the cold. It brought me so much joy to yoyo for two and half hours as the kids walked slowly by and see their faces light up. I let them try out yoyoing and gave them stickers from one of those yoyofactory sticker sheets. It was a fantastic experience.

That’s cool lucky you!

Tha’s epic,dude! Great for you!

That’s awesome! Little kids are always fascinated by yoyos. By the way, the article in the top left says sting instead of string.

I know. I laughed when I read that! :smiley:

That’s awesome.

I could be hired to show people “how not to”, and you for “how to do it properly”.

We should team up!

Very cool, Mason. I bet 4a blew their minds.

4a blows my mind

The yoyos like, not attached to the string and stuff

Nice. Great for you

Nice! Little kids love yoyos, and I’m sure it was fun to entertain them!

I fixed it.

anyway, I think it’s awesome you had an opportunity to do something like that at a local business. someday i might do something like that.

Sweet! Voluntary yoyoing in the community is awesome, even the simplest tricks amaze people :slight_smile:

Oh it did! I Diaboloed too!

I know! It was amazing!

You’re so lucky! You got to be outside in the cold yo-yoing for 2 hours! ;D

Lol I love the cold! Plus Starbucks next door gave me a free large hot chocolate. :smiley:

I yoyoed outside the polls on Election Day… I can’t believe you didn’t freeze man! Props to you!

Dude, this is awesome!! ;D ;D

Did they ruin any throws :slight_smile: