An idea to help out some throwers

So, let me explain. Most of us know by now that worlds is just around the corner and nationals is a few months away. During these two competitions companies set up booths and sell their yoyos. Most companies also sell b-grades at ridiculously discounted prices and they play perfectly fine. Most b-grades are b-grades because of an unnoticeable ano flaw or some tunable vibe. I was hoping that those who are lucky enough to go to worlds and nationals might want to help out those who cannot make it. For example, let’s say there is a person (Party A) who wants a b-grade throw and they have the money to buy one at worlds but the only problem is that they can’t go to worlds. My idea was that Party A can give their money to a trusted friend/forum member (Party B) to help them buy it. Since Party B is already going to worlds and they will be there anyway, why not help out someone else and get a yoyo for them? It might take them maybe 5 min. tops to buy a yoyo and Party B could text Party A while it is happening. Party B could ask Party A what color they want, take some pics, tell them the price, etc. When worlds is over and everyone goes home Party B could give Party A the yoyo or ship it to them.

So the transaction could go something like this:

Option: A

  1. Party A sends/gives money to Party B
  2. Party B goes to worlds
  3. Party B texts/contacts Party A about the yoyo in question
  4. Party B buys the yoyo
  5. Party B gets home and gives/ships the Party A the yoyo


  1. Party B goes to worlds
  2. Party B texts/contacts Party A about the yoyo in question
  3. Party B buys the yoyo
  4. Party A sends/gives money to Party B
  5. Party B gets home and gives/ships Party A the yoyo

Option: A is safer for Party B in case Party A decides to back out last second. Party B will keep the yoyo and Party A will not be able to get the yoyo. Or Party A will have to take the yoyo regardless.

Option is safer for Party A because Party B might decide to keep the yoyo or they back out last second. If Party B decides the back out last second or to keep the yoyo Party A will still have their money, unless it was already sent.

Hopefully those of you who read through it all understood what I meant. And maybe some of you would be willing to take part in both parties. There will be a minimum requirement of feedback and/or a minimum post count for Party B. Those taking part in Party A, depending on the option chosen, will have some requirements. If Option: A is chosen, Party A will have some leniency in their requirements because they are at the most risk. If Option is chosen Party A will have to almost meet or meet the same requirements as Party B because Party B runs the chance of Part A pulling out. If there are any questions or comments please leave them here. If you are interested in this please leave a reply stating which party you want to be a part of.

Thanks for reading!

OMG YES, time to pm a friend, and I know exactly who ;D

that’s a great idea! i just dont know anyone that is going or would be willing to help me out. :frowning: it would be great to see if there would be some good folks on here willing to do that.

but you fogot about party C (forum moderator)

  1. Party A sends money to party C
  2. Party B buys Throw and sends it to party C
  3. Party C receives money and throw then sends to respective homes.

just a thought.

Good idea ^

I would do this at nats, but my mom would think im just gonna keep the throw and get all mad :-\


this actually happens a good amount where people just give money to their friends and say to pick something up

I’m sure it does happen, probably happens all the time. However, this thread is to help out those who don’t have a friend to do that.

nobody is interested?

Someone going should set up a thread and when they get there take a bunch of pics of things offered and the people at home PayPal him right away. First come, first serve. :slight_smile:

Haha that would actually be really cool! Bit I think there would be problems…

This is awesome. Great idea! I don’t need anything but good idea :slight_smile:

I would ant something, was suppose to go but all my plans fell through sadly. what would have been cool is it starts on my birthday so it would have been a great thing to do.

Thank you! Will you be going to worlds or knows anybody who is?

Man, I would love to do this. I’d let the other person keep like 20$ as thanks. Plus money for shipping.

Exactly! Party B will be able to make some money as well!

I thought of this a while ago. It’s a good idea if you have some forum buddies you’ve met, already traded with etc. Now that I think of it, if you do this with someone you already know/trust, I don’t really see something that could go wrong!

… Now doing this with someone you’ve never met, don’t really trust, doesn’t have sufficient feedback or isn’t very active on the forums, that’s a completely different story. :wink:

That’s why they must have a sufficient feedback in order for it to work.

Any trusted member of the community who are going to Worlds willing to do this?

I have some people I know who are going to Worlds and who I would trust to do this sort of stuff for me since I can’t go. If the situation was a little bit better, I’d hand them the cash to spend on my behalf before they head out that way. Otherwise, I’m just gonna either Paypal them immediately or after the event, depending on how they want it to go down.