An example of how not to act on YYE brought to you by yoyoripp

So me and M.DV1 were hanging out in the lunchroom at school a couple of days ago, he was doing some pretty cool tricks when suddenly ******** (The local annoying fat kid) walks up to us and if you’re anything like me you already want to vomit in disgust in his face. This kid looks like “sloth” from the goonies, anyways he walks up and in his obnoxiousnessly loud voice starts talking to M.DV1. M.DV1 had recently purchased a one drop dietz and was on its way in the mail, ******* asks if he had received his “dits” in the mail. Yes, that’s right he said “dits”. I just thought that was kind of funny.

A friendly message from JRod - There is nothing at all appropriate about a post like this. Please read this as an example of the sort of post that we never want to see at YYE and that will not be tolerated.

You are a rude, disrespectful, and judgmental kid. Just because he is fat and “not average” looking means you want to throw up on him? He talks to your friend about Yo-Yoing, shows interest, and you make fun of him? Please leave YYE and NEVER EVER come back. YOU disgust me.

Also, I’m sure you know how to pronounce everything correctly right?


Dear god David are you serious? That was funny at the moment but stuff like that can get you hated on this forum. Take it down ASAP!

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Yeah because he’s supposed to know how to pronounce every yoyoer’s name with utter confidence, even with a lack of knowledge in the subject. Get real. Go build a sandcastle or something.

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Also, lol.


Please refrain from posting ridiculous, negative posts that make fun of people and make you look incredibly immature, mean, and terrible.