An Annoying Problem

I have had the ILYY Sakura since August now and it is still responsive. I have cleaned the bearing twice, once with shields the other without. I can’t even do a Ninja Vanish or a Hook without it popping me in the nuckles. Also, binds are slipping. Any help?

Binds are slipping yet it’s responsive?

You should always clean the bearing with the shields removed. How did you clean the bearings? Did you lube or run it dry? Did you dry it properly?

The responsiveness sounds like a bearing issue. The slipping binds sounds like a response issue. I’d say buy a replacement bearing and see what happens. OR an over-lubed bearing. A drop goes a LONG ways on a shielded bearing and 10% of that goes even further on an unshielded bearing. What are you using for lube?

The only thing I can think of is what kind of strings are you using?

I’m confused. It’s because I lack the essential prior experience.

Have you tried swapping out the bearing?

That is what I think it is, but are there any replacements for the KMK?

If you reinstalled the sheilds I suggest removing them and leaving them off, once you take them off its very easy to bend them or reinstall them wrong causing them to rub.

I’ve never had that issue. At the same time, LOADS of people leave the shields off, and really, it’s kinda difficult for stuff to get into the bearing when the yoyo is closed up properly.

His idea may not work, but it won’t cost anything and it is worth a shot. It can’t hurt either.

I just got my new ILYY Konkave bearing in today and it is playing great!


Now, don’t mess with it. :wink: