amzing Prelims


I love this prelim that Grant johnson did at MWR this last weekend and he got first in prelims with it.
But I had to ask why did it score so high?


I’d have to watch some other prelim videos. Any ones you have in mind I should take a look at?


Because it was very technicall, with many string hits. That is what judges look for


Judging has a lot less to do with string hits and much more to do with elements, of which this prelim had many.


this one


I’m confused, you say it was amazing and you loved it, but you’re confused why he got first in prelims with it? I think it was awesome, and combined a ton of different elements and styles into 60 seconds with only one miss i saw.

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Let it be known

this is how you do a prelim


I liked it a lot,it was probably my favorite prelim ever but I don’t understand why he scored high enough to get first,like from a judges standpoint.why?

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

When you look at his competitors and who ran clean… it’s fairly obvious. Grant and Eric K are arguably the most [1a contest] skilled players who attended this contest, and both players clearly scored much higher than the others in prelims. Grant ran cleaner, had better music use, and had more elements in his freestyle than Eric. Grant and Eric are both great yoyoers (some of my favorite yoyoers), but Grant had a better contest prelim that day. Grant scored approx 15 points (averaged) more than Eric in prelims… And Eric scored approx 11 points (average) than the player in 3rd place; which is quite a big difference.


Wait did I meet you? I was Adam. The Asian kid who was trading like mad.

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Everyone was going crazy about Paul Kerbel’s prelim at World’s this past year.