My BAC Prelims Freestyle

So this was my first time actually trying to accomplish something during a yoyo contest other than just having fun, and now I’m looking for some constructive criticism.

I also don’t really understand judging at all so any judging explanations people can include in their comments would be appriciated

Mad Ups to my boy Ibe for filming and uploading this for me

Wow, yours style is amazing… and your pants… not so much. I’m not sure exactly how judgeing works, but i’m gonna guess it’s just a few judges that score you from 1-10 on a few differant catigories. Really nice performance though.

Nice Video.

On a side note, please never wear those pants again.

Don’t hate on his pants… you guys are just jealous… haha :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought your freestyle was pretty awesome
and your pants are very original… haha

nice prelim
judging system is based on tech and performance tech is 80 and performance is 20 for finals
prelims and just based on tech . so the clickers is prelims best friend